1. Game Created by Joe, Ash Informed.
  2. Original, Laggy scripts added
  3. Minor Changes
  4. Basic Building begins, Leads to a couple of houses, which were deleted.
  5. Minor Changes
  6. Advanced NPCs Added, later broke in Version 19 and were fixed.
  7. Minor Changes
  8. Roads added round The Houses, Remain till this day with major changes.
  9. Minor Changes
  10. Scripts added, along with knives and a slap tool.
  11. Minor Changes
  12. Minor Changes
  13. Factory added, later replaced and replacement deleted.
  14. Minor Changes
  15. Bridge added, later deleted.
  16. Bug-Fixes.
  17. Changes made, reverting from FPS to Open-world
  18. Team Function + Spawn rooms added..
  19. NPCs fixed after long, long delay.
  20. The Big One: Trees, skyscrapers and Airstrip added, later deleted, and old scripts destroyed leading to new, shiny scripts with Anti-Lag (Still in Place).
  21. One segment of road deleted.
  22. Baseplate colored green, after being turned back to MS-Grey for a Long time.
  23. All of the 'changes' the 'Big one' Deleted, due too little detail, and limited functions.
  24. Shopping plaza created, later deleted, shortly after working clocks were added by Legend66Lord.
  25. Minor Changes
  26. Minor Changes
  27. Minor Changes
  28. Minor Changes
  29. Minor Changed
  30. The Biggest 'un: Exoskeleton added, with journal to tell the story, Working safes, Trampoline store, Arch with Working clock, 6 New Guns, Interface Removal, Bank, Overhead GUI, Time, money and health GUIs, Top bar colored Blue, ToW Theme color changed from red to blue, Spawn rooms deleted.
  31. Deleted More Spawn room functions.
  32. Deleted Teams.
  33. Minor Changes
  34. Deleted More old Buildings.
  35. Added Shop.
  36. Minor Changes
  37. Scripting.
  38. Minor Changes

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