Skyler's Theme tune.

"Lord Skyler, Lord Skyler is Bae, If you say his name out loud he'll steal your Birthday cake. Hey!"

Untitled drawing by roodoki-d8qcyom

Mine and Ash's View of Skyler

-Anon (I.e Me and Ash... Urm.)

Hi, TheBirdInDev Here and, Dare I say, The whole of this Game revolves around This one bloke, Who... well.

Is a bit... Well, Weird!

But hey, why call a game Theory Of Weirdness without, well, weirdness? But to explain good 'ol Skyler in Simmered terms, would require thinking. Lots of It...


Well, Say you're are a baby. You have candy! Mmmmm, Candy! You would protect your candy like anything... But then, along comes an overpowering Being. Skyler. He snatches your candy, but hey! He might as well do it with his army of Chez Soldiers... So, *Boom* No candy now! And then he puts the candy in a locked jar, in an anti-contamination facility. He never eats it. It is a waste of candy, albeit, pointless and rubbish. You cry over the overwhelming prospect of losing candy. He laughs at your futile, if not Pitiful Moans. It is his now...

The Above took me 5 minutes of planning. And 20 minutes of scripting. And sleep. And much doge.

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