Hi, It's Bird and I'm here to tell you the backstory:

20 years ago, Unrecognized Professor David L. Bird an unnoticed virus, named briefly: Virus 661903 (Or, the weirdness virus). Upon showing it's discovery to the general public, The people show horror and hatred towards the man. He Deems it an unworthy effort to show his face again, so lives a hermit's existence in a field near The Town of Bloxville. He Spends his time building and completing an Exoskeleton which harnesses it's almighty power to get revenge on the people of Bloxville. His hatred brewing, he writes a journal describing his last years, the last entry is:

Well. I hate to wish this upon the world. But hey.

The exo-Skeleton has been Perfected.

It Grants the Abilty to harness the Newly-Discovered Weirdness

Virus, To your own ability.

To Use the Harness, Is to balance great Responsibility. This can

harm the Population. But Hey. Again, Why do you think I made it?

This town is Full of the Undeserving. Sort it out.

He leaves it in a crate by a small gravel path, with the journal beside it. He was never seen again from that point.

As a player, Your car crashes after swerving from a mysterious figure with red eyes. You find a Crate, and a journal. The journal of David L. Bird, and without reading it, tuck it in your pocket. But for the Exo-Skeleton? You try it on. The Next thing you know, you are out cold in a wind-farm.

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